Windows, Dormers and Rooflights

Roof dormers add character & space to roof rooms.

Our basic Dormers are gable ended, single and double window widths. Other options include flat roof, hipped, cat slide and barrel roof dormers and opening ‘cabriole’ roof light balcony dormers.

External cladding will be the same as for main walls

Dormer Windows Dormer Window in Room Above

Prices for Dormers are provided with your quote for a SolidLox building.

There are literally thousands of different types and specifications of windows available. They come in a range of different materials – uPVC, softwood, hardwood, aluminium, engineered woods, and so on.

To keep things simple we provide WHITE uPVC open out, double glazed , casement windows.

Single windows are 630mm wide x 1050mm high. Double windows are 1200mm wide x 1050mm high.

Single Window Casement Window Double Window

Prices for Windows are provided with your quote for a SolidLox building.

Roof lights can transform a loft or room in roof area, providing they are properly located, sized and fitted with the correct flashings..

To make things easy we provide a single roof light (uPVC Pine Coloured top hung 550x980) that can be fitted between the rafters. This avoids cutting out any rafters, re-engineering the roof, or having to double up on any rafters.

We can supply different types of hinge points, ventilation, means of opening, sun blinds and even ‘cabriolet ‘ balcony roof lights if required.

Rooflight Single Roof Light

Prices for Rooflights are provided with your quote for a SolidLox building.

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