The Quick-Build Post & Beam System

For Carports, Garages, Bicycle Stores, Biomass Boiler Rooms and many other ancillary structures...

SolidLox is a highly-customizable post and beam system used to build a wide variety of timber structures quickly and easily. Our timber garage kits and carports are a fast, low-cost answer to the parking needs of a new development.

Our standard kits can be manufactured and delivered to you within a matter of weeks. If you have a bespoke design that you need pricing, please send us your plans and we will send a quote back to you as quickly as possible.


Fast & Simple

SolidLox uses a connective system that allows your erectors to slot the posts and beams together with minimal effort. We use adjustable post-bases for easy levelling so you will not have to alter posts on site, which would be time-consuming and costly.

All these components are fitted at our factory. Our timber garage kits and other structures are delivered to you ready to be assembled and can be erected far quicker than any masonry equivalent.

Our erection team can have your structure up within a few days, working independently of the weather, and we can put up the basic frame even in the rain, whereas brick-built structures would face delays.

If you wish to use your own erectors, any experienced builder should be able to have one of our kits up in no time at all. Each one comes with instructions and slots together like a jigsaw. No specific carpentry skills are required.


The speed of construction of our timber garage kits presents you with a significant cost saving over the time it would take to build a brick or concrete equivalent. You will require less labour to erect them, and the foundations required can be significantly smaller than a heavier masonry structure, futher reducing your built time.

As with most timber frame builds, erection leaves minimal waste on site for you to clean up versus a block or brick build.

The modular nature of SolidLox means it can easily accommodate your design changes. If you require fitting of windows & roof lights, insulation, personnel or garage doors, we can provide these for you at merchant competitive prices.

We manufacture our kits to the highest quality to ensure they require minimal maintenance in the future, and that your end buyers will be thoroughly satisfied.

Please send us your plans for a free quote.

Appealing to End Buyers


Attractiveness of Timber

The addition of a timber carport or garage to your project can entice potential buyers. It is a far more attractive option than a concrete or masonry structure, and buyers will be drawn to the traditional post and beam style.

A SolidLox structure can blend into the natural surroundings where a metal or concrete garage would look unsightly. This can make them more favourable to planners, particularly for developments in rural areas or conservation areas.


Practical Appeal

Our timber garages serve a practical function for end buyers as a place of storage. Whether they intend to use the ground floor for parking cars, there is space in the roof for storage in both our high pitch room-in-the-roof models, and our low pitch models, with storage space in the rafters.

Timber is naturally insulating, unlike metal or concrete, which makes our garages ideal for use as a workshop buy end buyers. They can also be fully outfitted with electrics and security lighting. The garage can also serve as an additional area for the fitting of photovoltaic panels.

Please get in touch and send us your plans so we can discuss the requirements of your project.



Other Applications of SolidLox

SolidLox is a truly versatile system, able to lend itself to a range of developments...

To combat stringent parking rules of local councils, our carports can provide shelter for vehicles while still being classed as a parking space, while a fully enclosed structure would not. They can also be adapted for use in courtyard parking areas, where walls and bulky doors would impede vehicles turning.

Our multi-bay garages can serve commercial, leisure or retail developments too. The modular nature of SolidLox means we can widen the bays with minimal cost to allow for disabled access, and with peoples’ comfort in mind, our system can be used to build covered walkways, as well as smoking shelters and cycle stores for offices and shops.

Examples of SolidLox uses:

  • Garages & Carports
  • Cycle Stores
  • Smoking Shelters
  • Garden Rooms
  • Annexes
  • Multi-Bay Carbarns
  • Biomass Boiler Rooms
  • Biomass Fuel Stores
  • Stables & Barns
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures


Other Services

Design Service

As Chartered Building Consultants and Architectural Technologists, we offer a full design service and take your project from a conceptual stage through to competition. Through our Timbertecs brand, we have created designs from everything from houses to hosptials, hotels and offices. We would be happy to work with your architects or even join your design team.

Planning & Building Regulations

Our in-house design and technical team can prepare the plans you need to submit for planning permission as well as full building regulations drawings. We can even serve as full project managers if you wish.


We aim to make it as easier for developers, designers and contractors to obtain complete build packages, and we can supply all the components you need:

...all at merchant competitive prices.


Contact Us

If you have a project in any stage of development, please get in touch via email or gives us a call on 01291 437057 so we can arrange a meeting to discuss it.

Please use our quote request submission form to send us your plans with the details of what you want - whether you are seeking a quote or another service. Please be sure to include as much information as possible to ensure we respond to your enquiry as quickly and as informatively as possible.