The SolidLox System - for Planning, Designing, and Building Post & Beam Structures in Solid Oak and Timbers

SolidLox is a complete Architectural ‘Design & Build’ system

It provides Architects, Builders, and Self-Builders with a total timber “Design & Build” solution that helps turn your ideas into professional buildings.

SolidLox modular building kits are particularly suitable for architects to specify, sure in the knowledge that their designs will be correctly interpreted, in consultation with them if required. 

Whether you are an architectural or other construction professional, specifying SolidLox post & beam kits makes designing and planning oak frame garage/s, car port/s, or other buildings easy and fun.

SolidLox cleverly integrates time tested traditional timber framing techniques, with modern, state of the art engineering and components.

Modified Traditional Timber Framing

SolidLox cleverly integrates time tested traditional timber framing techniques, with modern, state of the art engineering and components to deliver high quality bespoke oak frames and other solid timber buildings.

The Beauty of Solid Timber

Using solid timbers, whether in Green Oak, Larch, Douglas Fir, or some other timber, adds aesthetic beauty to any project.  Be it a new build development, an extension, a refurbishment or an additional building, natural timber blends well with any surrounding. Whether you are planning a stand-alone design, or the ‘perfect addition’ SolidLox gives you the tools to “Design & Build” simply, easily and cost effectively.

Flexible Design Freedom

Using SolidLox you can plan garages and car ports as linear units, combine them to form an ‘L’ shape, or select any number of bays to create a ‘U’ or other layout for a courtyard design.

Equally important is that the SolidLox post & beam system is truly flexible, allowing you to create more complex styles.  Whether you want a traditional English design, something more contemporary, or even futuristic, the SolidLox system provides the solution. This includes choices for roof pitch and roof style that allow you to design total ‘roof-scapes’.

Speedy Pre-Selected Styles & Finishes

For speed and simplicity you can choose from a range of pre-selected roof finishes, design open fronted car barns and cart-sheds,  or fit them with timber opening, sectional upward, or roll around  garage doors.

Log Store & Other Additions

Adding a log store or implement shelter by extending the roof down over these areas is as easy as drawing a couple of lines. Likewise setting in other doorway and window openings, together with inside or outside staircases, is as simple as A,B,C.

Reliable Design & Build

And whatever your design you can rest assured that the SolidLox pre-manufacture design check service will deliver a building that will slot together.

Classic SolidLox Range

If you would prefer to choose your car port, garage, balcony or other structure from our Classic range of buildings, go be taken though our extensive collection of oak frame garage plans and designs.

Buy Plans & Drawings On Line

You can select and buy planning application drawings on line. 

You can also use these plans as a basis for making your own small design alterations (but it may pay you to read our design guide first).

Alternatively, if:-

  • You already have sketch plans for your oak garage or other solid timber frame
  • You have ideas of how you want you building to look

Take advantage of our full planning and design services to produce the plan, elevation, section and building regulation drawings that you require (Fees are 50% refundable against SolidLox supply only orders).. Send your sketches to for a free appraisal.

An erection service is available for all SolidLox products.

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