Pricing for Standard, Adapted, Customised and Bespoke Buildings


Structural Design & Engineering

By standardising our approach to design, engineering and components, SolidLox has developed ‘rationalised’ traditional post and beam designs and buildings which we are able to supply and build at highly competitive prices.

Although these still allow you and your architect considerable flexibility and design freedom to achieve the appearance and layout of the building that you are looking for, wherever possible we try to avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and the need to develop special detailing and structural timber engineering. This helps us to keep our prices extremely low.



Fixed Price Standard & Adapted Designs

To make model selection and pricing simple, this in turn has enabled us to produce fixed prices for ‘Standard’ and ‘Adapted Standard’ models. However, any adaptation still requires us to alter the drawings and, if need be, update the structural engineering. While we take a ‘swings and roundabouts’ approach to the materials involved – and obviously endeavour to keep these to the minimum – any change does mean that we have to make small additional fixed price charges for the technical services involved.

Prices for Standard Apdaptatians:

  • Adaptation to footprint +/- 100mm £100
  • Adaptation to beam height +/- 100mm £100
  • Adaptation to roof pitch +/- 5 degrees £100
  • Adaptation to ridge heights +/- 100mm £100
  • Adaptation for lean-to mono-pitch roof £100




Fixed %age Customised Designs

This principle has now been extended to include fixed percentage price adjustments for ‘Customised’ designs giving you and your architect even more freedom to customise our standard designs while still capturing the benefits of easy to select and order your SolidLox at fixed on-line prices.

While our Standard and Adapted Standard designs have been developed over time to suit most sites, locations, appearances and building preferences, we can still ‘Customise’ and adapt these to your particular needs. This is perhaps the most economical way to get (almost) exactly the building you want.

A ‘Customised Design’ allows you to adjust the standard plan and elevation drawings more than with an ‘Adapted’ design, within the following …

Customising limitations:-

  • All posts to be 150mmx150mm and of same length up to 2.5m
  • Distances between posts from 2m to 6m
  • All beams to be 220mm x 100mm section and, external side beam lengths from 2m to 6m, front and rear beam lengths from 1.5m to 3.5m
  • Roof ridge beams to be double 220mm x 45mm (90mm) section length up to 5m with triple 38mm x 140mm post support under joins if needed
  • Roof to have collar ties between alternate rafters (NB these may intrude into room-in-roof height)
  • All corners between posts and beams to be braced either by traditional brace or by ‘gallows bracket’ brace within panels.
  • All plans to be rectangular


Prices for ‘Customised’ designs within these parameters are:-

Change in ground +/- m2 +/- m2 +/- m2
floor area 5m2 7.5m2 10m2
Low pitch roof £250 £350 £450
High pitch roof £450 £550 £650
Room in roof £750 £850 £950


What Customisation Includes

These ‘Customisation’ prices include extra design and engineering plus materials for post and beam frame, roof timbers, wall claddings and external staircases. They also apply to bargeboards, fascia, external and internal staircases, and double garage door widths from standard up to full width of frame between posts.

Changes to Customised Designs

In the unlikely situation where we misinterpret the Customisation changes that you have asked for, we allow you one set of changes to the sketch interpretation that we send back to you after receiving your order. Should you want more than this, then we are happy to limit the extra cost of these to £100 per change set.



Low Bespoke Design Prices

Extending this principle to fully ‘Bespoke’ buildings is more difficult. In practically all cases these require specialist consideration and detailing for the technical design and structural engineering.

However, by maintaining the use of common components wherever possible, we are still able to pass on the benefits of our ‘lean manufacturing’ systems to you in the lowest possible prices for bespoke projects.

Most post and beam buildings can now be built using our ‘rationalised’ lean build SolidLox approach to design, engineering, manufacture and construction. We are therefore delighted to allow you and your architect to take advantage of the same time and cost saving benefits that we are able to bring to our Standard, Adapted Standard, and Customised structures.

Although we obviously cannot estimate the costs of your specific requirements until we have received your design, our long term experience over the years suggest that an approximate cost of a Bespoke Design can be obtained by relating this to the cost of a Standard design as follows:-

Additional cost for Bespoke Design:

  • Low pitch roof = 10% to 15% of similar Standard design
  • High pitch roof = 12% to 17% of similar Standard design
  • Room in roof = 14% to 20% of similar Standard design


Please make your own assessment of the possible costs of your own Bespoke design to make sure this falls within your budgetary requirements before asking for a detailed estimate.

If there is no similar Standard design to use as a basis for comparison, please send us your design for an initial indicative price.

Bespoke Quote Change Costs

Since each bespoke design does have to be individually priced for you, we do need you to be very clear on exactly what you want before asking us for a quotation. We are happy to provide this free of charge, but as you can imagine, this is a detailed, time consuming and involved process, so each time you ask for a change we have to add an extra ‘bespoke quote change’ cost of £100 to your revised quotation.

The final resulting price, inclusive of any optional upgrades that you want, will be what you are asked to pay for your SolidLox.

Bespoke Design Changes

In case we misinterpret any part of the Bespoke Design that you have asked for, we allow you one set of changes to the drawings that we send back to you after receiving your order, free of charge. Should you want more than this, then we are happy to limit the extra cost of these to £150 per set of changes, i.e. those made all at the same time.

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